Our Activity

We have specialized in conversion of low-rise and mid-rise residential apartment complexes for sale as entry-level, affordably-priced condominium units, and in the management and ownership of low-rise and mid-rise residential apartment buildings and complexes. In light of changing market conditions, we are utilizing our expertise to invest in all forms of real estate. Our specific supplements may be for all forms of real estate, a particular type of real estate or a particular real estate project for which investment is sought.
Our Funds are formed to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors primarily by purchasing, rehabilitating, leasing, managing, financing, refinancing and selling real estate acquired individually or as a group from banks, individuals and developers at discounted prices.

The Process

We have purchased multi-unit residential low-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings, constructed improvements and upgrades to the buildings, rehabilitated and furnished the interior of a model unit, and offered all units for sale or retain the apartment buildings for rental. There are many real estate opportunities for all forms of real estate. OAC establishes funds as specified in memorandum supplements to take advantage of these opportunities. We will purchase various real estate investments based upon market conditions and utilize our expertise to decide whether to rehabilitate properties for sale or to keep the properties for rental income with eventual sale.

Our Target Market

Subject to market conditions, our target market will be determined based upon the particular real estate project in which we invest.

The Structure

Each project fund is established as a separate limited liability company in which the principals of OAC and our outside equity investors become members. Each LLC, and its project or projects will be managed and overseen by OAC. The specific fund may purchase a single real estate property or multiple real estate properties based upon the available opportunities in the real estate market and the amount of money invested in the specific fund.

The Kinds of Properties In Which We Invest

We have invested primarily in 1960’s-1970’s era low-rise and mid-rise multi-family apartment buildings, either single-building or multi-building complexes, located close to, and on either side of, the boundaries of the Chicago city limits. Our investments with OAC will be market driven looking for the best opportunities for you and us mainly in the Chicago area, but possibly throughout the United States. The properties may be all types of real estate-residential, commercial, industrial or otherwise. We anticipate that most, if not all, of the real estate investments will be obtained to generate cash flow.